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This doll is full set that is including clothing, wig, ,face up and the eyes. Shoes are not included.


If you want to know more details please visit my Youtube Channel.


Body Measurement

  • Girl

- Height (with head): 27.5cm

- Head Circumference:17cm

- Neck Circumference: 5cm

- Shoulder Width: 4cm

- Arm Length(without hands): 7.5cm

- Leg Lenth(without feet): 13cm

- Chest: 10.6cm

- Waist Circumference: 10cm

- Hip Circumference: 16cm

- Thigh Circumference: 9.5cm

- Foot size: 4cm

- Eyes: 15-16mm

Tinyfox 1/6 Doll Little Fox IS

  • In stock doll.

    The order will be shipped within 7 days. 


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