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The artist is Aolingshi.


The OFFER will be ended on 11/7/2023.

OFFER: When you purchase Yuze, you will get a FREE Gifted head-- Yuze SP. 


It is a resin doll. 

Nude Doll Content: nude doll head*1, doll body*1, COA*1. 


If you need the head only, please contact us before 11/11/2023.


Please visit the FACE UP page to add one. 


If you want to know more details please visit my Youtube Channel.


Body Measurement

  • Girl

- Height (with head): 77.5cm

- Head Circumference:23cm

- Neck Circumference:12.5cm

- Shoulder width: 19.5cm

- Arm Length: 23.5cm

- Chest:37.5cm

- Waist: 26cm

- Hip Circumference: 33.5cm

- Leg Length: 38cm

- Thigh Circumference: 19.2cm

- Foot size: 9.5cm

- Eyes: 18-20mm

Aolingshi 75cm Boy Yuze and Yuze SP

  • The doll on this page needs to be Pre-ordered. The Nude doll might be delivered in 4-6 months but it can be varied according to the orders the company is processing. You can message me to know the approximate delivery time.


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