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If you need Tan, Light Tan, Gray, or purple skin, they need extra cost.  Please visit the SPECIAL SKIN COLOR page. 


If you want to get her outfit, please email or message me and I will send you a separate invoice for them. 


Nude doll content: nude doll head*1, doll body*1, random face-up sticker*1, COA*1.


If you want to know more details please visit my Youtube Channel.


Body Measurement

  • Please visit the BODY page to check the measurements. 

Guard Love 1/4 Doll Cream & Puff

PriceFrom $270.00
  • The doll on this page needs to be Pre-ordered. The Nude doll might be delivered in 4 months and the full set needs one more week but it can be varied according to the orders the company is processing. You can message me to know the approximate delivery time.


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