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Blind Box Doll


This is a Blind Box Jointed Doll. There are FOUR different dolls in a set. 


Before 06/27/2024, if you order a set, you will get some extra accessories. The list of gifts keeps updating. (List: Character's stickers) 


There is one mystery doll and the possibility of getting it is 1/60. If this one shows in the set, one of the regular dolls will be replaced. 


If you buy one to four dolls, they will be randomly picked. The duplicated doll might appear (We will avoid it as possible as we can) in your package.  And if you buy a set, you will get four different dolls as shown in the pictures.


Body Measurement


- Height (with head): 14.5- 19.2cm

- Head Circumference:18.5cm

- Neck Circumference: 4.2cm

- Shoulder Width: 2.5cm

- Arm Length(without hands): 4.4cm

- Leg Lenth(without feet): 4.3cm

- Chest: N/A

- Waist Circumference: N/A

- Hip Circumference: N/A

- Thigh Circumference: 7.3cm

- Foot size: 1.5* 1.6cm

- Eyes: 14/8mm

MMDoll Blind Box Doll--Isekai Advanture

PriceFrom $32.20
  • You can pose the dolls easily because they have joints. Their faces, wigs, hands, shoes, and dresses can be exchanged with each other. Feel free to mix them. There will be so much fun of playing them no matter how old you are!!!

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