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Please choose the right option when place the order. The invalid order will be canceled. 


1) If you have ordred Come4free Minty Blind box Doll Full set, either 6 doll set or 8 doll set,  please choose "Order with a full set(6 dolls);

2) If you ordered Come4free Minty Blind box Dollsingle box, please choose "Order with single boxes".

3) If you dont have any previous order of  Come4free Minty Blind box Doll, please choose "Without any  Minty Order". 

Come4free Minty Blind Box ADD- ON

PriceFrom $26.00
  • You can pose the dolls easily because they have joints. Their faces, wigs, hands, shoes, and dresses can be exchanged with each other. Feel free to mix them. There will be so much fun of playing them no matter how old you are!!!

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